´┐╝Monterey Bay:
A visualization of the Monterey Submarine Canyon. GMRT (Global Multi-Resolution Topography Data Portal) bathymetry data provided by Marine Geoscience Data System.

Monterey Bay Visualization


El Nino Sea Surface Temperature Model: GEOINTcom provides a demonstration of the daily changes of the sea surface temperature affected by El Nino from January of 1997 to January of 1998. Over the El Nino year the current changes directions, and warm water piles up over the cooler belt near the equator, this change in temp causes coral bleaching (death) in the south pacific. This is a time series visualization of 24 satellite format array data rasters, blended over a 12 month time span.

El Nino Sea Surface Temperature Model


May Rainfalls 10 years: GEOINTcom hosts a visualization of May Rainfall over a 10yr period. Heavy rainfall in the month of May leads to higher crop yields in S. America and Africa. This is a model of rainfall for Mays over the past 10 years based on NetCDF satelitte data.

May Rainfalls 10 years