Geospatial Intelligence Communications

GEOINTcom is a commercial business in Hawaii and part of the growing Geospatial Information industry in the region, our nation, and internationally. We provide GIS solutions and tools to companies and organizations in the renewable energy, geospatial intelligence and smart grid sectors. GEOINTcom creates information management tools that bring data online to provide a rich visualization environment that enables control, awareness, and access to information for decision support.

GEOINTcom has a range of software products, services, and server solutions that fuse internet feeds of information in high resolution, from a wide range of sources. The combination of information, and location give us an added edge in the field of internet-based data integration.

Our Mission

The GEOINTcom mission is to provide innovative, high quality, geospatial solutions and tools to the energy, defense, and intelligence sectors. We provide map and globe information for dynamic data visualization and analysis. Specializing in GIS for earth sciences, GEOINTcom is a qualified high tech business that designs and licenses software applications, and provides solutions and services.